Soft Skills for Architects
A critical set of skills for the effective Enterprise Architect and Business Architect

Architectures Center of Excellence

Soft Skills Training for Enterprise Architects and Business Architects


A critical set of soft skills for the effective Enterprise Architect or Business Architect

Our Soft Skills workshop is the latest offering from the Architectures Center of Excellence (ACOE). You may know how to do Enterprise Architecture or Business Architecture but knowing how to ensure your organization is able to adopt these practices requires a different set of skills.

Because Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture techniques are still so new, resistance to change is inevitable.

Distinguish yourself and become an effective change agent today.

Watch this video to preview our Soft Skills Workshop and hear our soft skills definition.  For a full preview, please sign up as a guest to gain access. 



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Architects must have the necessary soft skills to become effective and successful change agents.
— Ken Naigus


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