Soft Skills for Architects
A critical set of skills for the effective Enterprise Architect and Business Architect

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About the Architectures Center of Excellence and Soft Skills Training

While nearly all enterprises build information systems, the end objective is not just an information system, but a flexible,changeable, and reusable asset that will meet current and future business needs. Few organizations today use model-driven approaches that truly separate Architecture (Engineering) from Implementation (Manufacturing).

Throughout recorded history, as complexity increases, separating Architecture from Implementation becomes an imperative. These experiences can now be provided through the Architectures COE (EACOE and BACOE) course of study.

The Architectures COE and its body of knowledge, through actual Enterprise and Business Architecture practitioning, training courses, workshops, tools, methods, frameworks,and practitioner professionalization activities, provides the only holistic and comprehensive environment for the Enterprise or Business Architect. This environment allows the Enterprise or Business Architect to follow an experience-driven disciplined architecture process, using models to help stakeholders envision, plan, and develop cohesive, flexible, and adaptive business understanding, and practical solutions that deliver high-value, and become enduring enterprise assets.

The EACOE is the leading practitioner-based vendor neutral independent association for the Enterprise Architecture profession. The BACOE is the leading practitioner-based vendor neutral independent association for the Business Architecture profession.

The Architectures COE sets professional standards, conducts research, provides information, and promotes professional and career development. The Architectures COE, through the EACOE and the BACOE, offers practice-based certification, professional networking, and knowledge development opportunities.

The Architectures COE and its predecessor organizations, have invested over forty (40) years in developing a robust body of knowledge for executing architecture and model driven business and technology planning, business process engineering, change and risk analysis, and flexible/agile application development. These techniques, methodologies, and processes are recognized as the state of the practice,and are used globally..


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Our overall desire is for you to be successful in your Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture projects. Our soft skills workshop uses real-world examples to teach and allow you to practice the skills learned in this course.

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