Soft Skills for Architects
A critical set of skills for the effective Enterprise Architect and Business Architect

For Enterprise Architects And Business Architects

Soft Skills Professional Development

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Get a Competitive Edge as an Enterprise Architect

Our soft skills workshops are useful to the practitioner architect who can not only add to their knowledge but also gain the competitive edge necessary to market her/himself.  For the organizations, our soft skills training offers a gold standard by which they can measure the performance and capabilities of people they wish to hire.  An EACOE certification with EACOE Soft Skills training means you have the right skills, experience, communication ability, standards and style necessary to be a successful architect.

Soft Skills Workshops Outlined for you

You can navigate the details of our Soft Skills Workshop outline on our site.  Our Soft Skills workshops contain a comprehensive and complete body of knowledge required for a successful practitioner of Enterprise Architecture and the ability to communicate this understanding and knowledge to the stakeholders in the enterprise.

Even non-EACOE Enterprise Architects, who wish to gain a deeper understanding of how optimal use of how to communicate with their stakeholders, and can drive their business to more successful outcomes, will benefit from the course and workshop.

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Work better with your enterprise stakeholders

Our enterprise architecture classes will train architects in all the theoretical and practical knowledge required for success in the field.  Our soft skills workshop will add to this training, by developing skills in the presentation of enterprise architecture deliverables to various stakeholders in the enterprise.  Companies employing or consulting EACOE professionals can rest assured that they have the services of the best professionals in the industry with proven skills and world class standards, who will ensure their company’s success.

Soft Skills workshops at your convenience

Our soft skills workshop courses are for three and a half days. If there are eight or more people from your company, we can arrange, economically, for in-house workshops in your premises.  Our soft skills workshops are held from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Please contact us for more information on our workshops, briefings, and consulting services.