Soft Skills for Architects
A critical set of skills for the effective Enterprise Architect and Business Architect

Soft Skills Consulting

Let us help you directly through our Soft Skills Advisory Services


We offer soft skills advisory services to address your organization’s needs at every stage of implementation of your Enterprise Architecture or Business Architecture project.  If you’re just getting started, or have a mature practice in place, you can benefit from soft skills advisory services or our training program.

Soft Skills Advisory Services

From general mentoring and advice, to a more continuous step-by-step rendering of specific skill-based help, we can customize our services depending upon your needs. Choose only the topics you feel your organization would benefit from, or choose them all.

Our 3 soft skills topic areas include:

1.    Interpersonal Skills: mental models and other foundational communication skills, storytelling, influencing and relationship building

2.    Consultative Skills: contexting, framing, and scoping, creativity and strategic thinking, decision making and governance, and time management

3.    Application of Soft Skills: interviewing and review sessions, presentations, facilitation and meetings, and project management

Architecture Advisory Services

Our affiliated organizations, the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE) and Business Architecture Center of Excellence (BACOE), are there to assist you in facilitation of Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture projects.

Our “Quick Start” Architecture program is very popular and is intended to address all important issues to jump-start your Architecture activities.  Another program that is in great demand is our Portfolio Rationalization module. This helps to evaluate and monitor your existing systems and technology environment and guide you on ways to improve upon them to deliver the best results.

We also offer management level briefings to clarify and educate you on central issues pertaining to enterprise architecture defined earlier, from a business and/or technology perspective.  We can also tailor our briefings to your specific management needs.

Our consulting services let you draw in from an experienced pool of knowledge and services to optimize your business and IT strategies. We will help you provide a roadmap whereby both business and IT can fuel each other’s strategies.

Ready to succeed and need some additional assistance to get there?